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Meet Our Leadership Team

Gary Kassem
Founder and President

Gary Kassem, founder of SunConnect, has served as President and CEO since its inception. During his tenure with SunConnect and its affiliate, ProLink Roofing Systems, he has led development teams in the creation of several proprietary, patent-pending technologies. Mr. Kassem’s vision and leadership has created training and operational programs that deliver the SunConnect technologies and ProLink roofing management to thousands of clients throughout North America. Mr. Kassem led the Lean Six Sigma initiative at ProLink and SunConnect with a goal to continuously improve the quality, speed, delivery and cost of solar projects. Using customized delivery systems, he provides leading, customer-focused innovations to the solar and roofing management markets.


He currently serves on the SunConnect / ProLink joint committee, bringing his expertise in photovoltaic solar and roofing to the table by providing solar-friendly roofing and roof-friendly solar technologies to SunConnects' clients.

Erica Buster
Vice President
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